We Surprised Maddie's Crush and Opened a McDonald's in Our House!

5 nov 2020
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First Rebecca Zamolo created a Giant ADDAMS FAMILY Movie in Real Life But In Haunted House. Matt and Rebecca then created an Emotional Addams Family Reunion with Hypnotized Best Friend! The Game Master Network tried doing a Plays Among US But Everyone is SUS! Imposter IQ? Now in order to impress the Halloween Hacker we must try something that he loves. So we surprised him by opening a McDonalds in our house for the first time. He has the incredigem just in case this turns into another incredibles in real life. We try different challenges like who can eat the most chicken nuggets. Just like travis scott we came up with our own meal ideas. But the most important and funny exciting moment is when we turned our stairs into a giant slide and a play place inside of our house. Do you think Maddie really has a crush because she is acting sus. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    • No you cannot trust the holloween hacker

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    • No do not trust the Halloween Hacker

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    • Matt and Rebecca tomorrow Maddie's like the pumpkin he was trying to get Maddie's flick and the Pumpkin is not really make you do a talent he does

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  • We can’t not trust the Halloween hacker

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  • You should open McDonald’s

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  • Rebecca prank matt

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