Matt and Rebecca Are Moving (Found Hidden Hacker Cameras in Safe House after 24 Hours Searching)

23 feb 2020
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Before Rebecca Zamolo revealed her “New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)”, Matt and Rebecca posted “Our BIG SECRET REVEAL to MOM! (Spending 24 Hours Using Hacks and Tricks to Spy Prank Best Friend)”. The Real Game Master created “BREAKING INTO RZ TWIN ESCAPE ROOM to Rescue Best Friend! (Game Master Found Surprising Crush)” next Game Master incorporated posted “ESCAPING STRANGER THINGS ESCAPE ROOM in Real life! (RZ Twin vs. Best Friend Trap Surprising Crush),” now we are on a mission to find all of the hidden cameras that the hackers put in our house! With the agents and Rebecca's best friend we don't have that much time. I can't help but feel like someone is watching us right now. Matt calls a moving company to get boxes and start the move. We bring up a Harry Potter reference to disguise what we re doing so no one can know we are taking the cameras out. Matt and Rebecca search through all the secret places to find the best hiding spots. Will we be able to get them before anyone comes in the house? Daniel gives matt the secret message that says K was up in our loft looking at something. Matt brings everyone up there and and earthquake happens. When Matt and Rebecca along with Zoe and the agents come downstairs they see 5 cloaks like the ones from the giant dark wedding. Who broke into the house and did this?
Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • I see the one how was with m

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  • It a shiny ,s

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  • Rebecca I see one to someone spying on you

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  • When the agents were in the kitchen there was someone in a black cap or hoodie I love you guys 🥰❤️💞

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  • There is a black person and just agents and it was near Rebecca and zoe

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  • When agents far parking. There was a perison in a black cape

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  • a person black cape

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  • I see someone beak of ait when the food I love u all

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  • omg i know that black hood guy while the agents were saying so many owls i saw at the stair case the black hood guy was in your both home OMG

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  • Rebecca GMshe was you home

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  • There is someone with a black hoodie and a black cape and I think he or she is putting cameras everywhere and I think it M

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  • No way 😳 😕 😐 😫 😑 😒 😳 😕 😐 😫 😑 😒 😳 😕 😐 😫 😑 😒 😳 😕 😐 😫 😑 😒 😳 😕 😐 😫 😑 😒 😳 😕 😐 😫 😑 😒 😳

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  • There was someone when the agents said owl

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  • I was laughing soooo hard when matt was in the background yelling "WE NEED BOXES NOW" IDK why but it was sooo funny.1:03

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  • Rebecca when you said that the maril twins gave you something the door behind you was open and close and when the agents where packing there was a shining

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  • The

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  • They are taking your stuff

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  • It was k and m that did all of this stuff

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    • The agents are stilling your food🌯🌯🌮🥙🥗🌯🥗🌯🥙🥗🥗🌭🥪🥪🌮🥪🌯🥪

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  • Who miss her old house

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  • some one in the home

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  • M did this of course you did Do you guys even know how evil she is of course she’s evil I think she’s 100 of evil she’s way past 100

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  • Show us the paper in the pink folder

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  • i saw a guy or girl that looks like the grimreeper hes waring a blck hoody

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  • AGENTS keep touching him hen

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  • I loved you I never seen you

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  • M is watich you in the room that you are in

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  • There was a person in a black hood running in your house when the agents took the food in the kitchen

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  • Someone is in your house

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  • You need to leave

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  • agen r in blind

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  • A r and A s are bad the took matt clothes tell matt Rebecca

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  • and there was a black cape when the agents paking

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  • there was a black people when rebecca and zoe paking

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  • At the end It was really creepy for me

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  • Does any one think that RZ twin put the cameras in there to watch them so she can help and know what to do

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  • This is Crazy

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  • someboby is in your houes

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  • Dis any one notice on 3: 14 when rebecca was packing the door closed

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  • i just watch the video so i already know everything

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  • Yes it is a right ide a

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  • There is a black hood person in your house

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  • They took your think

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  • 3:58 black hood

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  • att and Rebecca, while the agents were packing up food, there was a person in a black hoodie at 3:57 behind them. right

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  • I saw somebody in black

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  • I saw a black preson

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  • It’s baby bear rat

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  • who is watching in November 2020?

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  • Hidden camera in your house

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  • matt, rebecca i found an person wearing a black hood in your house omg you need to move quick

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  • I think it is rz twin

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  • K,is,dehinb

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  • Hello Matt and Rebecca I thank it could be the red hood,The quadrant, Or Mr.X,Or Daniel, Or the Agents love Angelina your biggest fan from the zamfam I love you guys

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  • Omg the person with the cloak is in your house

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  • R is hitting on Rebecca

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  • There was somebody in your house time the against was taking you're food to there house

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  • In window 3:04

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  • 3.60

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  • That's the thing that K took a picture of that pink folder

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  • There's a hidden camera in your room and hit has a blue bottle

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  • Matt your clothes is missing the Agents take it😱

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  • theres a shining i think is walking in to the living room

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  • I fink M didn't bring baby bare rat to the toylat she is evel

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  • There was a person in your house 😱😱

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  • somebody is in your home when the agents were in the kitchen

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  • Hi is this hhow you spec not crepy

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  • wait how did zoe know that there was hidden cams in your house

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