Making RZ Twin Good Again for Game Master Network! (Awesome Surprising Hacks Ideas)

26 jūl 2020
3 198 848 Skatījumi

Saving Rebecca and her twin with the transformation device with brown note.
It all started when Matt and Rebecca uploaded the video Rebecca betrayed the game master network. Then Rebecca Zamolo played a giant wizard of oz game in real life. After we rescued my wife Daniel rushed over to check on RZ twin but had to do a battle royale to get her out. It looks like she is working for the RHS which might mean roblox high school or red hood spies. We are not sure yet. Rebecca and RZ twin are both weak so we have to keep them separate Zoe said. Maddie and Matt take RZ twin to Big Bear while Daniel and Zoe drop off Rebecca at home. They found a transformation device that can make you pool by using the brown note. It can also make you do impressions or reverse the switch up. It can only be used once on Rebecca's twin so we have use try it on each other first. It was a bad idea. Next Maddie does a hilarious and funny impression of Matt and Rebecca. Matt was reversed on being hypnotized and remembers code 10 from the game master. Finally they use the right code and return to Rebecca but is it safe? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Is Rebecca ok or do we need to take her back to the hospital? Subscribe to help us out!

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  • i think the game master is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • do brown not again on mat it was funnnnnnnny

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  • That was funny when Matt got brand note

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  • RZ twin made me laugh so hard when she kept battle royaling them and then became weak🤣🤣🤣

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  • Matt did you would or him

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  • Is Rebecca okay

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  • I like when Matt picked the mask back on RZ twin beat him up 😆

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  • Code 10

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  • Never use brown note again

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  • waw so the 2 pro hackers zoe and daniel nice

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  • that's so funny when rebecca said to matt when he is a lion real world that was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i cannot stops laughing i came over and over because is so funny

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  • Rebecca and Matt you guys are strong and brave and nice

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  • Me too I love when RZ twim is back

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  • I don't know how she got into the sleep

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  • how did matt forget to wash his hands at the beginning

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  • The part's about the back room I think that is a quick bigger video

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  • The transformation device then work on argument you need to save her I got to go somewhere chasing me

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  • Is bad you need to save her she told them to lock you in the bathroom Rebecca tomorrow is bad

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  • And get Robbie robbed to her

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  • I burst out laughing when Rebecca said scarecrow tin man and lion

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  • That's where you guys got the antido for rz twin when she was losing her power

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  • The mask makes rz twin week

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  • Use the welder again and a quarter route

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  • Maddie: She’s Weak to! RZ Twin: Im not weak... The Video saw everything: The RZ Twin Gets Back To Attack Matt Again To Reflex In the dream

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  • On brown note Matt had a massive poo

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  • I. Now. The. Brown. Note

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  • Wait brown note is something that scientists has been trying to have proof like more than a year it’s pooping a lot of times

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