Maddie's Crush Might Not Make it! Emotional Goodbye to Best Friend! Matt and Rebecca

8 aug 2020
3 139 201 Skatījumi

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After Rebecca Zamolo was caught in a giant inside out moving in real life for 24 hours she tried to save the missing memories. Before that Matt and Rebecca was betrayed by RZ twin when they were saving their best friend from the RHS. Now we found out that Robbie Rob might not make it. Maddie is super upset and is blaming Rebecca. If this doesn't work out Rebecca and Maddie might not best friends any more. It all starts with a battle royale against the RSH. They try to take the pizza bag but is not successful. After Rebecca and Matt defeat them they run away to the tunnel system. Daniel and RZ twin have a secret meeting and she says we need to save the game master so Rebecca needs to go inside the game. Once inside she can recover the memory ball and save the game master. Next Matt and Rebecca watch her go inside the game while Matt searches the bag and finds a secret room inside. Its another necklace that can make the game master good again. Will Maddie's best friend make it and can we save the game master? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Maddie's best friend is her sister

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  • Maddy has a rhs best friend

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  • I think the red hood spy is Rachel

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  • I saw the 3 digit code in dance moms video it is 213

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  • Omg Maddie one of the red guys are spying on you

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  • Rz twin looks like Rebecca's cousin from a long time ago lol

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  • There is a RHS behind Maddie.

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  • I love rz Twin

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  • Guys if you are just acting for us to watch and the redhood spys are just people dressed that redhood spy that RZ twin try to talk about is going to die

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  • Hi guys I'm a big fan of you my name is piper I'm really big family I want to like every day Kinda and I tried to buy the game master network but it wouldn't let me because my iPad is very old bye

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  • the number is 843

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  • Maddie Rachel aka BBI gave you the red mixture

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  • can we just say that daniel wen he call,s the back round look,s like matt,s studio

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  • Hey red hood spy you look like a starberry

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  • Did u guys saw red says in the window when Maddie was sitting

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  • I watch Rebecca every day I am part of the ZAM FAM

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  • I guessed 438

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  • Aleyda 😇 The day different code is run 234 that's the 4 different called

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  • And i just download the game master network

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  • Maddie a red hood spy was spying on u whlir u said this it's all Rebecca's fault

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  • I tried to get the game but I couldn’t get it I need to ask my perents

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  • That red hood spy that was helping is RZ twin i think

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  • 2:24 red hood in the bushes

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  • Rebecca daniel betray you

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  • The code foor the box is 438 ok and rz twin is hiding a secret in the game master network ok stop maddie and rebcca stop at the end stop pls

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  • R. I. P.

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