LIE DETECTOR TEST REVEAL AGENT SECRET! Is Rebecca a Liar? True Scooby Doo Disguise Hacker Challenge!

1 mar 2020
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Matt and Rebecca must test all of the trapped Agents to find secrets in Scooby Doo disguise. After Rebecca posted Giant SCOOBY DOO Game in Real Life at Haunted HACKER CASTLE (24 Hours in DIY Disguise on Leap Year), Matt and Rebecca created “Trapped In Moving Truck For 24 Hours Challenge (Found Clues of Secret Date with Viral Life Hacks)”, The Real Game Master created “SWITCHING PLACES WITH RZ TWIN to solve Clues at Secret Meeting! (Using Hacks DIY Tricks Leap Year)”, next Game Master incorporated uploaded “GOING UNDERCOVER IN DISGUISE TO A SECRET MEETING to Find Truth! (Using DIY Hacks and Tricks to Solve Clues),” now Matt and Rebecca are back at the safe house with Zoe, Agent D, Agent S, Agent R and M with her baby bear rat. In order to see if anyone is a liar the game master set up a challenge by trapping these agents. If they tell the truth they can leave. If they lie they must stay in game master prison until we can figure this out. Everyone is in disguise but we might get a face reveal during this challenge. Is anyone working as a double agent? Are they secret spies on the game master? At the end something goes wrong and everyone is missing. Could this be Agent S trying to solve the mystery of the leap year? Maybe we can figure out why we had to move to the safe house.
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  • What is against s master

  • No

  • Slap her

  • Agent.S helped Agent.M and Agent.D and Agent.R and they all escaped and the person is still in charge of The new Gmi is called The Shining and Mr.X is still in charge of the new Gmi.

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  • The list of the people that we trust please Rebecca in Matt