Last To Leave The Shower Wins $10,000 Challenge Matt and Rebecca Vs. Hackers

18 apr 2020
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First, Rebecca Zamolo, created “Twin Telepathy Challenge Rebecca Zamolo vs Hacker to Find Truth! (Battle Royale in Real Life)”, Matt and Rebecca then uploaded “Matt vs. Rebecca Who Can Gain the Most Weight in 24 hours Challenge! (Defeat Hacker in Rare Mystery)” right after that The Real Game Master made “We Found A Secret Hidden Tunnel System in Matt and Rebecca's New House! (New Evidence Reveal Clues),” and the worst created Game Master Incorporated posted “Helping Hacker Escape Tiny House! (Evil plan to Betray Best Friends and Take Over Secret Tunnel)." Now Matt and Rebecca found a new device that RZ twin hid in the backyard. Whats inside the hidden tunnel underground? It looks like a spy gadget. Is it from a movie like Indiana Jones or Stranger Things? Matt and Rebecca take it back inside and hide it to finalize the next challenge. The Mystery is trying to see whats on that paper in the Quadrant backpack. They start off with a tik tok challenge for an advantage. Q wins a garbage bag which turns into a pancho. Rebecca doesn't want her hair getting wet. They do a pick a number challenge and Rebecca has to drink toilet water. If the hacker has a secret we need to get it. The next challenge is who can stay in the shower the longest wins. Rebecca's new iPhone SE goes missing and Q has it. Daniel sends a text message to her and the hacker tricks Rebecca. Who will be the last to leave? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Rebecca‘s gonna win for sure

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  • Hey Rebecca and Matt gadget is ghost buster

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