How To SNEAK Friends Anywhere! Hot Vs Cold Challenge and Ways to Sneak Friends into the Movies!

24 sep 2020
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Sneak Rebecca into the Movies! First @Rebecca Zamolo tried "Ignoring Maddie for 24 Hours and Surprising Her with her Dream Car!" Thats was right after @Matt and Rebecca posted "He Betrayed Us! Lie Detector Test and Face Reveal of Mystery Spy RHS Member Outside of Roblox!" Now Maddie is able to hack into Mr Nice Guy's phone and find his location. She invites him to trade for the black reactivator so we can rescue and save Matt's best friend Daniel! When the mystery man arrives in order to build trust they must do win challenges so they can become friends. Rebecca has a secret idea on how to sneak into the movie theater to switch out the device. Once they do the hot vs cold challenge Matt is able to win. Rebecca loses on the girl on fire vs icy girl challenge. Mr Nice guy is ready to do the trade so they have to sneak Matt's friend Rebecca into the theater. It is difficult so they try 11 different ways to sneak into the movies. Do you think this will work? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • I knew Mr. nice guy was staying that Mr. X has the BlackBerry activator because Mr. X said X Marks the Spot ones

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  • Matt wants to get the memory ball to Mr. nice guy and I don’t know why I’m trying to look and watch the video so I’m going back into the video that you did and I don’t trust Mr. nice guy or Matt

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  • Hi Rebecca I really need to win the iPad cause my cousin can’t afford an iPad and she has a disease

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  • Wait a minute so that was only three digits but I seen in his on his suitcase will not on his suitcase but on his mask he had a number when he was drinking this let's see what the McDonald's drink he had like he had I seen it on his math when he was drinking the McDonald's drinks and the other numbers was 8 8 2

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  • When mr. Nice guy came in I seen something on him and it was like a paper so I and I seen the paper so I think that the number is 3 3 five

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