He Betrayed Us! Lie Detector Test and Face Reveal of Mystery Spy RHS Member Outside of Roblox!

19 sep 2020
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I can't believe he betrayed us!
First Rebecca Zamolo was home alone in real life in a giant trap! She set up tricks and pranks to stop the rhs from taking over our new house. That was after Matt and Rebecca had to face my biggest fear of heights. Now after a battle royale in real life Matt takes the mask off of the spy who has been working against them. Rebecca can't believe it and neither can Maddie. Matt takes the mystery person to the tiny house for questioning and a lie detector test. Rebecca and Maddie change and don't know why he betrayed them. This is Maddie's crush. When they get the truth about Daniel and why he wants the power it starts to make sense. Apparently it started after the giant comic book masquerade ball. Mr X is still bad but needs to be dealt with. Can we trust this person and will RZ twin save the day again before Rebecca has to go to the hospital? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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