Hacker Face Reveal After Escaping Trap! (24 Hour Challenge Inside Extreme Bunker Tunnel)

13 apr 2020
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First Rebecca Zamolo, uploaded “FACE REVEAL After Confronting Hacker! (24 Hours Letting Subscribers Control What We Do For a Day)”, Matt and Rebecca then created “Caught Hackers Spying on Rebecca in Our House! (24 Hours Searching for Clues Challenge Face Reveal)” right after that The Real Game Master posted “We Found A Secret Hidden Tunnel System in Matt and Rebecca's New House! (New Evidence Reveal Clues),” and finally Game Master Incorporated made “Framed by Hacker for Stolen Devices in our Tiny House! (24 Hour Song Challenge to win $20,000)." Matt Slays is separated from his wife, Rebecca Zamolo and trapped by the hacker in his closet. Matt tries to trick him by telling Q the Quadrant where the keys are. If he gets the keys he can unlock the tunnel in the backyard with Red Hood, the Real Game Master, the Shining and every other evil villain. Matt pranks him by telling him to go to the recording studio. Matt found the secret tunnel and escapes. Quickly Matt searches through the entire tunnel system and spies on the Agents who are either in the garage or the hacker room. Inside the tunnel is amazing and funny because there is a voice changer. Matt sounds just like Q from the Quadrant. He also discovers a map on his adventure which shows him what the tunnel system looks like. The last to leave the tunnel reveals an outdoor location. There Matt is tricked and they do a face reveal. Its the real Matt. Matt says they all in this together and must trap the hacker. Can they do it in time and what is the final secret message he leaves? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery music videos in 2020!
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  • Why would you trust your mum your mum is part of the agents she was even in Matt and Rebecca channel she was even in GMI glasses when you did a prank on her what do pregnancy belly she was very upset then she did call the agents

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