Emotional Addams Family Reunion with Hypnotized Best Friend!

1 nov 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo first tried being Giant ADDAMS FAMILY Movie in Real Life But in Haunted House! Matt and Rebecca then learned Someone Broke Into Our New House. The Game Master network uploaded a Hot vs Cold Pool Challenge to Find Imposter Among Us. Now in order to find the truth we must first reunite Maddie with her best friend sister in an emotional reunion. Rachel, formerly known as BBI was hypnotized by the evil Mr X during Addams family in real life. She was frankenstien which was the worst because she looked just like the scary guy in hocus pocus. Maddie is sad because she missed Rachel and feared she was missing. Matt asks questions just like in a lie detector test. However Rachel lost her memory and it wasn't a prank. Maddie reveals her secret that she has been talking with the Halloween Hacker. Zoe is tracking Robbie Rob who is Maddie's ex boyfriend. Her sister thinks that she is dating HH but the game master is still missing. Will this reveal something new? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    • What what the one where you talking about the videos was it took the sloppy dog and was you know

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  • Robbie Rod took Slappy from the trash can

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  • She’s been true

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    • Trust me he’s actually being true Rachel

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  • She told the truth

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  • someone grabbed slappy or mr x.

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  • Reveal mad secret in the Halloween hacker is at your house

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  • Rebbeca don't tell maddie Halloween hacker give maddie a card when was Adam's family maddie take de card dat haloween macker

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  • Halloween hacker have de ingerdid gem

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  • yes i know that he take the inggredigem and maybe he is making mr x back

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