Among Us In Real Life But We Are Incredibles Super Hero Mod!

15 nov 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo created Giant INCREDIBLES But in Real Life Game PART 2! That was right after Matt and Rebecca played Angry Birds In Real Life Challenge Battle Royale! Finally The Game master network uploaded Maddie is Emotional After New Crush Betrays Her at home. Now in order to escape the lock down on the house the squad must play among us in real life but we are incredibles super heroes. The only catch is that we can't use our super hero powers unless we are the imposter. Each round we must do the tasks set up by the halloween hacker, then we can escape. Matt and Rebecca split up to do tasks while Daniel and Maddie try to use the vents. This might be like when we made a song in a 24 hour challenge but in real life. Who do you think will win this challenge and why does Rebecca seem like she needs to take a trip to the emergency room? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • We are almost to 5 Million Subscribers! Did you see how we got here

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  • my name is aspyn and im a huge fan! i ive been watching your videos for so long. i really like your dogs. i just bought your merchadise. i love your dog i always give them a huge paws up. love aspyn.

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  • Maddie is hiding something

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  • And she said yes

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  • HalloweenHacker asked Maddie if she went wanted to be his girlfriend

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  • 👍👌🤩🤑 i love it so much that it's even so cool

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  • halloween hacker is Maddie boy freind

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  • Matt on 1

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  • Your welcome :)

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  • In one day Maddie lost all of Rebecca's trust just by almost kissing her crush! LOL

  • Ask the gamemaster to do a Face review

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  • Hey guys how are you doing 24 hours in the small house and try to do you do can you real life Minecraft fun but I just wondering why is Daniel weird for some reason they have too much tell her get a different job is boring her that my name is Callie I've been following since I went for 5 years at school I

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  • I don't trust Madie

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  • Guys she might not be pregnant, she could be on her period ✨

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  • Maddy has, a huge secrect

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  • rebecca maddie is hideing a big secret from you and you have to trust maddie

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  • I lost all your videos every day every morning when you post it I watched it I watched it on LVworld I said boy so you post a video and I don't got no LVworld on my phone I love you I love all your videos I love everything I love you I can stop watching you and I can when I watch you again I'm going to pass out you my favorite I will never stop watching you and yeah I love you and love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

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  • You my favorite you my favorite LVworldr out of the whole city every LVworldr out of Detroit out of every LVworldr I hit that Bell I mean yeah I love you I got the most I got the most I got everything what you say I will do it

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  • True serum

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  • i love your videos

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  • Rebecca is not pregnant!!

  • Matt is the imposter trust me rebecca

  • Yes Maddie is hiding a secret from you

  • I love that video

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  • Just ask Maddie

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  • Use the truth serum

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  • It’s Matt

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  • I tink matt have a secret. like if you agriey ↓

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  • OMG daneil you're not the "BEST SMARTEST HACKER" no one is its just a "skill"

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  • Give Maddie a other date.

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  • i want to now maddie's secret.

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  • Maddie said and rebeca said do not cip secrets hehe

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  • I love you Rebecca zamolo

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  • Mat the dad for maddie🥸

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  • Mat the dad for 🥸

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  • I don’t trust rhs

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  • i subscribed to all of your videos

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  • Rebecca zamolo you have to trust maddie

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  • I am a huge fan of you Rebecca

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  • Matt is the imposter

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  • Rebecca is the imposter round two she is imposter🙇🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

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  • Lie detector mixture

    Jeanna OdenJeanna OdenPirms 2 dienām
  • Y’all played the game wrong if there only one person left then the impostor wins if there were three imposters or two and there’s too ppl left then the impostor wins it was only too ppl left and one impostor so the impostor doesn’t win now if there was one person left then Maddie would have won

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  • Rebecca😗😗yes

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  • It’s RHS

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  • It’s. REBECCA

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  • It’s MADDlE

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  • Hello Matt

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  • I love how black jack is like jack jack and I’m the background he was in the costume too 😸

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  • truth serum

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  • hi i love your videl

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  • Matt

  • Yes Maddie is sus she as a secret when the Halloween acer try to kiss maddie


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  • The second round i think it was daneil

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  • Sadly i cant like because i didnt find the code i wish i could😔😔😔😔

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  • You are Theys not get canceled

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  • This is so great they didnt get to much sleep cloud :D

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  • Maddie is hiding a sicret

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  • i think you should trust maggie

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  • ????????!??!!

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  • The game master has a crush on RZ twin go look at his tiktoks it's really real

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  • Yes matt

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  • why is no one talking about the cheater daniel was a crewmate and he used his power but he was not the imposter matt won in round 2 because he can only use hi power

    ronit robloxronit robloxPirms 3 dienām
  • Rebecca I hope you get a lot of followers in that

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    • Rebecca and Maddie and as you can see Halloween hacker is is

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  • Yes

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  • It is matt

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